New Cars


Lotus Elise

For more than 5 decades Lotus has led the world in innovation and design not just for it's Formula One cars but also for its production models.


The Lotus Elise has been a huge success since the day of its launch and attained virtually every award and accolade the motoring industry has to offer.


Featuring an extruded and bonded aluminium chasis, it was quickly heralded as a new breed of sportscar.


The launch of the new Elise and the Elise 111 range has opened up a new and exciting chapter in Lotus' history and you could become a part of it.


Lotus Exige Cup

Inspired by the track, to be enjoyed on the road - Ever wondered what it would be like to drive a race car on the road? Then get behind the wheel of the Exige Cup, the road going racer based on the one make Exige Cup competition car.


The link between Lotus road cars and race cars has always been strong, but the Exige Cup merges the two disciplines in spectacular style. This stunning race bred vehicle offers the full track car experience and purity of purpose, yet has more than enough refinement to make it practical for regular road use.


The Exige Cup is manufactured by the Motorsport department at Lotus. Originally devised for the German one make race series in 2004.Available in both Left and Right hand Drive.


Extreme driver satisfaction is guaranteed.

The standard spec. includes:

  • 6 Point bolt together FIA approved rollcage
  • Sports Seats
  • 4 point seat harnesses
  • Electrically operated fire extinguisher system
  • Internal and external master electrical kill switches
  • Accusump oil control system
  • Adjustabe front anti roll bar
  • 2 way adjustable suspension dampers OHLINS
  • Limited slip differential LSD
  • Uprated clutch plate and cover
  • Hi power silver wheels
  • Lotus sport conversion build plate

Caterham Seven

The Caterham Seven has a timeless classic appeal, yet technically it's more than a match for current performance cars.


Continual development has kept the Seven at the forefront of performance motoring.


Whether you're looking to tour the country lanes or put in your best time around the track, there is a Seven specifically designed to meet your needs.


The diversity of the Caterham range is borne out of the needs of our customers. Whilst some owners prefer a bespoke factory built "turn key" car while others prefer to take the time to build the car themselves.


With its low initial cost, proven reliability and low depreciation, the cost of owning this truly British sportscar has been made more affordable than ever.


For tax free export enquiries please ask for a quotation.


Ginetta G4

Ginetta Cars Ltd was a unique, British specialist car manufacturer.


They produced a vast array of limited production sports, racing and road cars.


Since the early 90's re-manufacturing of the historic models of both the Ginetta G4 and G12 has been rejuvinated.


The G4's success and appeal comes from its combination of a lightweight tubular spaceframe chassis and a curvy glass fibre body that's very Sixties and very sexy.


The G4 is now available with 195bhp in road trim and a stonking 230bhp for competition use and the standard engine fitment these days is Ford's Zetec in either 1800cc or 2-litre form.



Ginetta G12


The ultimate 60s race car.


The G12 was unbeatable in its day and still shows a clean pair of heels to most competition.


Not sold for road use in the UK.


Power is Ford Zetec 190 to 230HP via SSG 6 speed close ratio dog gearbox.